When paintings have to travel (part 2)

Packaging of artworks on paper

Whether it is sent flat or rolled in a transport tube, the artwork on paper is protected by acid-free glassine paper. This sleeve is then hermetically sealed in polyethylene film. For large pieces, I add a cardboard backing behind the work. This allows the paper to be handled without “breaking” it. In printing, these unintentional folds are called “moons” because of their curved shape. For this reason, the paper should always be held with both hands, with gentle movements and flexible fingers.

Glassine paper to protect the artwork
The artwork in its glassine sleeve
Artwork on large paper, in its glassine sleeve soon to be sealed in polyethylene film + handling instruction sheet.

For flat shipping, the artwork, its invoice and its signed certificate of authenticity are slipped between two rigid foam sheets. These two sheets form a sandwich sealed on all four sides with wide adhesive.
The foam board is a panel of expanded polystyrene covered with coated paper. I use 1 cm thick. It has the advantage of being very light and resistant to folding.

Foamboard sandwich for flat paper
The foamboard sandwich for flat artwork on paper (here, with instructions for opening this package)
The package of an artwork on large format flat paper

If the paper and the paint layer of the artwork are thin enough, I send the artwork rolled in a transport tube, also by Colissimo.

To be continued : Part 3. In detail, the packaging of the canvas…