Video close up on my paintings

The video allows to add an impression of depth to the images of the paintings

abstract 6 acrylic on canvas 140X100 cm

Photography, even of good quality, only represents reality in two dimensions: top and bottom, or right and left. The world represented is flat, without relief. To fully appreciate the textures and subtleties of the paintings, one would need to be able to see them in three dimensions by adding depth.

The video brings this illusion of depth. As it is in movement, it replaces the binocular vision of our eyes, and gives us a “representation” of depth. By leaning over the canvas, for example, we can better appreciate, in video, the textures of the pictorial paste, the superimpositions of matter, the glaze effects.

Water landscape 2 oil on canvas 60X60 cm

Nothing can replace the live vision, through our eyes, but this technique of moving imagery brings a plus, to get an idea of how a work of art is painted. Video, or cinema, or television, are arts of time, and without time, no displacement in space 😉