Thanks to my art collectors from all over the world !

When the loves at first sight make the artworks travelling all over the world.

Thank you for loving my paintings ! For several years, art collectors, MY art collectors, have trusted me. It is so rewarding for an artist to see her painting existing through the eyes of other people.

Because it is, above all, a communication without words: two sensibilities meet through an image. Another human being likes what is in my head and what I express on the canvas. This is the beauty of art and humanity.

And when I receive heart-warming messages of thanks from you, I don’t have enough words to say my gratitude! So THANK YOU! 🙂

Paréidolie en rose et violet, acrylique et marqueur sur toile 150X100 cm
Paréidolia in pink and violet, acrylic and marker on canvas, 39.3″X59″ (150X100 cm)
Floral fantasy, oil and oil pastels on canvas, 23.6″X31.8″ (60X81 cm)
Les lilas bleus, huile sur toile, 50X50cm
Blue lilac, oil on canvas, 19.6″X19.6″ (50X50cm)
les glaieuls, huile sur toile, 38,5X39 cm
Gladioli, oil on canvas, 14.9″X15.3″ (38,5X39 cm)
In the garden, oil on canvas, 27.5″X27.5″ (70X70 cm)